1. HUSH
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HUSH ©2016 Damson Blaze


You begin to feel the days get stranger
as the scenery around you changes
to a dark and eerie coldness
that spreads throughout your bones

You try fighting off the wetness
that falls from the darkness
and engulfs your entire body
as you fall fighting to the ground

I said hush, don’t you cry
although your world
has suddenly changed
right before your eyes

You drag yourself inside a doorway
of a place that you've never been before
Inside you see others praying
to keep them safe from blade of the coming war

As you move towards the kneeling crowd
Your ears ringing from the basting sounds
Then the crowd begins screaming
Looks like big brother closing in

I said hush, don’t you cry
although the enemy’s
at your back
screaming genocide

You escape with the fleeting few
Not knowing where you running to
You struggle with every step you take
When the ground suddenly begins to shake

Sirens ringing all around you now
millions running to the open ground
Feeling tears falling down your face
You drop to your knees and begin to say

Hush, don’t you cry
although the days
have turned dark
leaving you wondering why

I said hush…