Their sound
Their creative lyrics and unique 80's Retro/Rock sound gives the music of Damson Blaze a very innovative style. Their dynamic and raw sound is comprised influences of classic rock bands like Rush and Deep Purple behind a cool Martha Davis vocal style. 
Since their inception as a band, they've been gracing the stage at many lucrative venues such as the Fish Head Cantina (Baltimore, MD), Grog and Tankered (Fredericksburg, VA), The Holy Ale (Stafford VA) and many others. 
Damson Blaze released 7 singles in 2016 which has helped garner a buzz and insatiable fan base sine their start. For this year in 2017, the band is currently hard at work on their upcoming 4-track EP titled "Hush". They will be releasing a video in the next few weeks that features one of the EP's leading tracks. 

How the band started?
Valerie Lloyd and Patrick Gates are the musicians behind Damson Blaze.  The two met in 2014 when they joined Valerie's brothers band, "Mars and the other Planets".  During this time, Valerie and Patrick grew close.  The band ended when Mars moved away.  So, it was either go and join another band or knowing that the two together had a great chemistry for writing music, they decided to form their own band.  

Where did the name, "Damson Blaze" originate?
In 2014 the band began as "Dragonfly" but after gaining a small following, the band found themselves in a swarm of "Dragonfly" bands.   So they decided it was best to change their name.  Patrick came up with the name, Damson Blaze meaning, Purple Flame.

Group lineup  
Valerie Lloyd: Lead vocals / keyboard /songwriter 

Patrick Gates: Guitarist / backing vocals / songwriter

Roger Poole: Bassist

Roger Lee: Drums 

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