The dynamic Damson Blaze unleashes fiery music with moody guitar and keyboard melodies, layers of harmony, resounding rhythms and thought-provoking lyrics, daring to dive into a mysterious world exploding with feeling. Led by the vivid, powerful voice of skilled songwriter Valerie Lloyd (vocals, keys) and songwriter and guitarist Patrick Gates, the group’s expansive sound is further amplified by Roger Poole (bass, backing vocals) and Roger Lee (drums). The band mingles the hard and soft elements of guitar-driven classic and modern rock as well as the raw emotion of Goth and the freshness of alternative in order to create a new yet timeless musical world of its own. Damson Blaze mesmerizes audiences with its simmering performances of carefully-crafted songs, inviting others on a journey to explore the complexities of love, relationships and life’s dark curiosities.    


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